ClearBlade Carina Release

October 4, 2021

ClearBlade is excited to announce the Carina Release as we begin the fall season. This release has powerful new capabilities in the core of the platform and Edge for efficiently streaming data into major cloud services and big data stores for our customers’ burgeoning AI and Machine Learning needs.  Intelligent Assets continues to be the no-code platform of choice for operational teams who need to deliver results from IoT, Edge, and AI as rapidly as possible.

Below are just a few of the highlights!

Intelligent Assets

A Map Page that Inspires: Our Intelligent Assets team performed a major overhaul on the Intelligent Assets map page to the delight of our early adopters. Search and filter features have been enhanced for a faster, organized listing. Events, icons, decorations, and even selection have all been finely tuned to convey as much information as possible while still providing a simple and intuitive experience.

Now Accepting Comments: Intelligent Assets now let’s you share ideas, take notes, and communicate across your team with rich commenting capability.  Comments can now be added to assets to make note of changes to asset history over time. Users will be able to add new notes, edit existing ones, and view previous notes entered by themselves or other users.

Live Demo: ClearBlade has made available the Intelligent Assets experience without the need to create or provision your own environment.  With a single click you can be logged in as a guest user and take the guided Intelligent Assets Tour.  All the major elements of assets, areas, events rules, and actions are there to be explored, understood, and mapped to your use case.   When you’re ready, you can take the next step and get your own private instance.


Platform and Edge

Advanced Tooling for Edge Deployments: For years, ClearBlade has led the way in securely and efficiently deploying and synching devices, protocols, users, logic, and most importantly data between cloud and edge.  With this latest feature, even more power is put into the hands of developers to now control what processing is happening where and when to meet the demands of broad use cases.  These new APIs and endpoints not only expand the flexibility of solutions that developers can build but enable Intelligent Assets to put the control into the hands of operational teams.

External Database for BigQuery: The standard BigQuery interface has been expanded to include full external database support.  Now data can move seamlessly from IoT devices directly into Google Cloud and then be manipulated within the normal IoT processing.  The capability reduces the headache and expense for database administrators and data scientists who need data in place and formats to get their tasks done.  The data lake is more than a deep void. It now becomes somewhere fun to swim and explore!

AWS S3 Support for File Management: The need for hybrid cloud support has never been higher.  The Carina release now expands into AWS S3 allowing for files to be directly accessed, created, and updated into your S3 environment.  The automatic synchronization between edge to cloud means that all of those logs and videos immediately land right where your business, partners, and customers need them.

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About Carina
The Carina Nebula (NGC3372) is a giant star-forming region located in the southern sky and it’s light is formed from 3 different filters tracing emission from oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur. It is home to Eta Carinae, one of the most massive and luminous stars known.

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