ClearBlade Eagle Release – A Focus on Enterprise Edge Data

June 30, 2020

Author: Aaron Allsbrook – 

Today ClearBlade is excited to announce the Eagle Product release. This latest version includes valuable new Edge Data capabilities for all of our products including the Cloud IoT Platform, On Premise IoT Platform, and Edge Platform. This includes an innovation leap forward for acquiring, grooming, transporting, and managing data from devices and machines back into corporate enterprise Edge Data store. It has become clear that IoT Solutions are not just built out of a single cloud service. The ability to rapidly get your data from devices, from your machines, and from your business shows that the industry needs to focus on Edge Data.  

In addition to the continued improvements and enhancements our customers have come to expect with each release, ClearBlade is announcing several major new capabilities.


Configurable Multi-Directional Edge Data Synch

ClearBlade builds on its leadership in Edge Synching by now providing more flexibility in a way that’s easier than ever to leverage. Deployment of application code, security, users, and data and subsets of those structures in near real time to remote locations makes IoT solution management easy. Synch allows for data to move seamlessly from the edge to the cloud without the need for coding. Users get a consistent view of a sensor state of off or on no matter if they are at the office, at home, or in the field. Synch configuration includes the ability to change the frequency to control network and data storage. Synch configuration includes the ability to sync one directionally allowing for machines to send their data back to the cloud in a single structure without getting interference from or dependencies on other machines. Additionally, centralized data structures can be sure that their updates are pushed to all edges without the possibility that edge configurations will be synched back into the base definition.


Stream Service Events

The demands for IoT solutions to run at scale are enormous as the number of devices connected scales from hundred to millions of devices. With the newly available stream service events developers can now create stream services that receive internal events for any activity in the system. This includes not only messaging but events like device connect or disconnect, collection update or delete, and user signon or signoff.  This new built in event model represents an 85x improvement over traditional microservice trigger policies and sets a performance standard unprecedented in the edge software competitive landscape.


JWT and Token Refresh Support + Embedded Token

With this release ClearBlade officially supports industry standard JSON Web Token design for authorized users and devices. This allows for developers to leverage an industry standard for handling authentication tokens between all end clients. With the adoption of JWT developers are now also granted a refresh token allowing for an end user experience that no longer requires a reprompt of passwords or the possibility that an app would store a private credential.  

Of Note: ClearBlade continues to support the original token model, smaller in size and ideal for low powered devices. These tokens are now called embedded tokens and continue to allow devices with limited fixed memory to securely connect, authenticate, and be authorized.

It’s a tremendous challenge moving the right amount of data from the edge to the cloud at the right time. Most IoT solutions just send all information to the cloud making for an expensive solution bloated with network, ingress, messaging, API, and storage costs. To efficiently build an IoT Solution the edge is necessary to capture data and process it before sending. With today’s Eagle release ClearBlade continues to raise the bar on how to architect and build the IoT Solutions of the future.

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