ClearBlade Orion Release

July 8, 2021

We have approached the halfway point of 2021 and we are excited to announce our official release, ClearBlade Orion. While Intelligent Assets continued with major new capabilities, the IoT Platform and Edge took major steps forward as the premier platform for digital transformation. The experienced engineering team took on complex problems to deliver industry-leading speed, cost savings, data compression, and simplicity to deploy anywhere.


Platform and Edge

Speed and Performance: Since 2013 ClearBlade has made technology decisions with IoT scale in mind.  With the Orion build ClearBlade has now gone beyond what it thought was possible with a 30% increase in core cloud and edge performance. The optimization at the lowest levels means that ClearBlade outperforms all competition in the industry on performance benchmarks. This performance results in ClearBlade being 7x more cost-efficient than its nearest IoT competitor and it’s the only edge offering to handle hundreds of devices communicating with a 10-year-old single-core ARM CPU. ClearBlade is the fastest and most capable Platform and Edge.

Edge Data for Cellular: As more and more edges come online it is more important than ever to control your cellular data costs. This release provides an enhanced ability to control when and how much information is streamed back into your cloud. Of course, compression comes built-in with patterns for how to get the most out of connections like CAT-M1 or full video backhaul.

Enhanced On-Premise Deployment: Have your IoT Platform running in any cloud or on-premise in minutes with the latest updates to ClearBlade DevOps artifacts. With improved administrator documentation, ready-to-use ansible scripts, built-in monitoring and logging, public docker containers, and verified for RedHat OpenShift there are now more ways to get your enterprise up and running fast.


Intelligent Assets

Time Series Plots and Anomalies: Attributes can now be shown as plots capable of displaying complex time series data in a simple graphical interface. A single attribute can keep sets of values and display those values overlaid with one another. Making it easier than ever to compare data-dense events. Anomaly detection can be added by default to compare time series data sets to rapidly identify a non-normal condition.

Expanded Rule Flexibility: Rules are easier and more powerful to use than ever. The simple UI allows for directly looking across all assets or comparing asset attributes against each other. Asset types are no longer required nor are limiting data thresholds allowing all data to be captured in real-time. Simply compare previous states for percentage change or specific unique per asset thresholds.

Device Management: The ClearBlade partner ecosystem includes many best-of-breed devices and hardware. Intelligent Assets can now interact directly with those devices’ native APIs and firmware for managing the device in the enterprise. This means that not only is your asset valuable to your business to automate workflow and improve visibility, but now you can ensure the device has the latest security patches and the optimal settings.


About Orion
The Orion Nebula (Messier 42) is located in the Orion constellation and is 1,500 light-years away. Due to its brightness and closest large star-forming region to Earth, it can be seen with the naked eye.

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