ClearBlade Product Release: Spirograph

April 3, 2023

On April 3, 2023, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, the Spirograph Nebula Release. It has been a quarter filled with exciting new opportunities as IoT Core matures and meets the immediate needs of migrating device registries. Learn more about all the great new features below.

IoT Core

SOC 2 Certification – Official completion of audit window with the certification of SOC 2 Type II for IoT Core SaaS offering.


Full Gateway to Device Support – To support all 3 types of binding authentication including association only, device credential only, and both association and device credential.


HTTP JWT Support – ClearBlade IoT Core now fully supports authentication and authorization using the JWT in the HTTP ClearBlade user token. See documentation for additional usage details.

IoT Enterprise and Edge

TimescaleDB – Optional capability to extend the database to install timescale plugins with the ability to leverage timescale performance enhancements for message history and external collections.


Google Marketplace Deployment to Private Cloud – Purchase ClearBlade IoT Enterprise in the Google cloud marketplace and deploy to your own Google Cloud project with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


Custom Auth Override Fields – Send additional parameters to include and enhance third-party auth with external multi-factor variables on the authorization API event.

Intelligent Assets

Filtering Assets – Filtering assets are more customizable with the updated filtering design. This new design allows applying more than one filter at a time with more intuitive navigation. 


Modbus Configuration UI – Ingest Modbus directly into your asset types with the new Modbus configuration user interface.


About the Spirograph:

The Spirograph Nebula (IC 418) appears as a collection of geometric shapes, resembling a pattern that can be made using a Spirograph. This planetary nebula lies about 3,600 light-years away in the Lepus constellation.


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