ClearBlade Releases 9.0! The seasons must have Cloud IoT Platform and Edge Features are out

April 7, 2020

We’re kicking off the second quarter of 2020 with the latest release of our software platform, with several significant enhancements for developers. Working with our clients and partners, we’ve invested in advanced big data orchestration, connectors, API interoperability, query and analytics tools, have introduced “out of the box” asset monitoring capabilities, and have created audit tracking features which streamline global operations by keeping IT teams coordinated and all changes recorded and validated.

Here are the highlights:

IoT Enterprise Data Pump

  • Orchestrate IoT data into any warehouse: Oracle, SAP Hana, Docs, Google Big Query, and more
  • Data framework and management, in and out of existing data lakes
  • Developers can now run raw queries on platform and edge against collection, user and device tables
  • Interoperable with existing APIs and webhooks
  • Built for scalability

Asset Monitoring

  • Works out of the box, configurable for any business case and any type of asset indoor and outdoor
  • Runs across all networking protocols: Bluetooth, LoRa, Cellular, NB-IOT, MODBUS, SNMP, REST and others
  • Can run logic and normalization at the edge or in the cloud: edge-processing ready
  • Designed for custom events, defining rules using a template (developer friendly)
  • Can pump data into existing enterprise asset management systems, ERPs and workflow platforms, generating alerts for automated ticketing systems: SMS, Emails, In-App Notifications
  • Predictive dispatching – automated trouble ticketing – machine monitoring – asset health monitoring integrated with service and ticketing systems

Audit Trail

  • Comprehensive record of who made changes, when the changes were made, and what type of changes were made
  • View the history of changes when a question arises
  • For those who must operationalize systems this is critical, especially for 24/7 (follow the sun) solutions
  • Large, distributed systems are growing: IoT is dynamic and generates a tremendous amount of data; a single source of truth – a record – is critical
  • Useful for analyzing and debriefing after an incident
  • Risk management: reconfiguring mistakes can be disastrous and when they do happen, ClearBlade’s audit trail enables faster resolution

You can access the full set of release notes here.

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