ClearBlade Ring Nebula Release: IoT Asset Monitoring – No Coding Required

October 1, 2020

Today we are excited to announce the official release of ClearBlade Ring Nebula!  This release represents a huge leap forward in IoT Asset Monitoring and provides major new enterprise data lake capability. The release is immediately available for all hosted environments and as public containers for on-premise installations. 


IoT Asset Monitoring 

ClearBlade’s award winning and rapidly scaling IoT Asset Monitoring application has been given major new enhancements including a brilliant new user interface built on material UI design.  This new interface provides the no-coding required capabilities for customizing all themes, branding, and asset types. Users are able to bring their own sensors and instantly see them appear on their own branded web monitoring interface. Additionally, parent-child relationships are available, allowing for assets to be represented in hierarchical relationships. This makes it possible for operational users to define their own digital twins composed of many sensors and data sources and then execute business rules against live data streams. Asset Monitoring is in production for railcar tracking, aircraft maintenance, construction equipment monitoring and many other industries.


IoT Edge Data

The Ring release also includes significant Edge Data capabilities for acquiring and streaming information for remote machines and devices. With this release files are now a first class element in the platform integrated with ClearBlade Edge autosync capability. This allows for IoT developers to build edge native solutions that can easily process, and move files throughout their solution. This includes moving files to the cloud or to other edges. This capability is critical as enterprises need to move files like videos, logs, documents, images, containers, configurations, and other file types critical to IoT solutions. This core competence allows for rapid integration with existing hardware manufactures for device management along with rapid acquisition of audit trails.  


Integration is also easier and fast than ever thanks to external MQTT clients in ClearBlade stream services. From the platform running in the cloud, on-premise or on the edge, developers can run their stream services to communicate with any external MQTT brokers. This allows for ClearBlade to ingest any protocol, normalize the data and then republish this information into enterprise and cloud environments. This includes but is not limited to Mosquito, Azure IoT, and AWS IoT. 


As always, developers will have more control over performance with the Ring release as more functions are made available in the asynchronous library, numerous caching updates along with significant improvements for tightly constrained environments. These updates allow ClearBlade to be the only edge platform capable of running on many of the most hardened gateway devices.  


About the Nebula


The Ring Nebula was discovered by French astronomer Antoine Darquier de Pellepoix in 1779 and gets it shape from a dying red giant star exploding into a ring of ionized gas

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