ClearBlade Saturn Release

April 5, 2022

With April Fools behind us, ClearBlade is excited to officially announce its Saturn Release!  This quarter’s release is not joking around with serious updates to the Platform and Edge that make it easier than ever to drop into existing infrastructure.  Meanwhile Intelligent Assets continues to provide industry leading features for operational users who are getting down to business.  Read below to read about major features and what they can do for you.


IoT Core Platform & Edge

Key Store – ClearBlade IoT solutions running regularly need to integrate with third party software solutions to share data, integrate workflow and enable real time capabilities.  These integrations can happen in the cloud, on-premise and at the edge and are all possible today.  With the new key store feature you can be sure that credentials used to access these systems are securely stored, encrypted and hidden from both untrusted external eyes, but also internal developers who only have “need to know” permissions.  This feature blows away the industry standard not just for its simplicity but its ability to maintain operations when running offline at the edge.


Kafka – ClearBlade services have introduced native support for Kafka messaging software.  This means that no more clumsy MQTT converters using awkward Flink or heavy Java processes are required to implement your producers and consumers in an existing Kafka cluster.  Now a ClearBlade service can be a producer or consumer and scale up without complex DevOps activities as your IoT workload increases.


Data Transactions –  As applications grow in complexity, empowering developers becomes more and more important.  In this release, ClearBlade’s Data as a Service interface opens the door for developers to abstractly perform traditional transactions.  This means transactional capabilities of underlying databases for rolling back partial writes and ensuring integrity are now available for developers.


Intelligent Assets 

Enterprise Control Panel: As companies scale out their Intelligent Assets to many users it becomes a challenge to route new onboarded devices to specific customers and then rapidly enable customer service across those instances.  With the Enterprise Control Panel, solution owners can rapidly manage their devices, provision them into customer instances of Intelligent Assets, and then invite users with specific roles to join.  This simplicity means that management of complex IoT Solution offerings have never been simpler or faster!  

Enhanced Permissions: With Intelligent Assets it is now possible to give just the right visibility to just the right set of users.  With the latest permissions update you can now control visibility and edit capability of not just assets and areas, but even the types of rules, types of events, and types of actions that are possible for an end user.  Now your users get just the experience they want and need.

Table view: As the number of assets scale up, becoming more and more intelligent, it’s important to find ways for your users to quickly identify and look across the inventory.  With the enhanced table view it’s now possible to rapidly wild card search, filter on any attribute, and sort with unexpected ease regardless of hierarchy or location.    


Bonus Features: 

  • Icons: Your asset and area types now have hundreds of icons to choose from in seconds and it’s much easier to upload any icon of your choosing.
  • External Links:  Add your own links to quickly open other apps from within your Intelligent Assets page.


About the Saturn Nebula:

The Saturn Nebula (NGC7009) appears as a series of pink and blue, Saturn-shaped bubbles.  It was discovered by William Herschel on September 7, 1782 and located 5000 light-years away in the Aquarius constellation.

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