ClearBlade Shatters IoT Scalability Benchmarks Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure High Performance Servers

October 3, 2017

ClearBlade, Inc., has achieved a new level of Internet of Things (IoT) performance and scalability not previously attained within the industry. The leading high-growth IoT software company, ClearBlade is expanding the technology of connected devices to a level that represents a tremendous leap in capability for enterprise customers, and is the first to reach this milestone. This achievement was accomplished by leveraging the raw performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using a single Bare Metal server running the ClearBlade IoT Cloud Platform.

The importance of one million Edge Platform connections utilizing a single Oracle bare metal server instance translates into an IoT solution that scales for large enterprises, representing 100 million real-time connected devices. IoT allows for the connection of physical devices to the internet, so they are available for users to interact with, enabling connected devices and data to be made actionable via customer interaction or automation leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The number of IoT connected devices is exponentially growing, anticipated to be over 24 billion connected devices by the year 2025. This advancement is the game changer that makes this forecast a reality.

The ClearBlade IoT Platform enables companies to build IoT solutions that connect Devices to Enterprise Applications. The ClearBlade Cloud Platform and ClearBlade Edge Platform are specifically engineered to securely and flexibly deploy across any cloud, on-premise infrastructure or industrial gateways.

Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure bare metal performance, ClearBlade pioneered in achieving this new level of scale and innovation to meet the needs of enterprises.

ClearBlade utilized Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to enable the use of one or more large bare metal servers to easily onboard, grow and connect millions of devices. The ClearBlade solution running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also demonstrates the ability to rapidly and horizontally scale, and to securely manage, backup and monitor.

Example use cases for this technology include:

  • Smart Buildings: building optimization with a unified view of disparate building management systems
  • Smart Factories: digitize the factory with intelligent systems to improve availability, performance and quality
  • Connected Job Sites: worker safety, asset tracking, predictive maintenance via real-time positioning and monitoring
  • Connected Assets: optimize the supply chain and business processes to deliver real-time visibility into your connected assets in a completely secure manner

Scalability becomes the critical tenant for future enterprise success as the need grows for direct communication across global deployment of millions of devices. IoT communication represents a challenge greater than a traditional large-scale cloud solution due to the demand for a real-time nature of device transparency and low latency direct device communication. The tiered cloud to edge architecture of the ClearBlade Cloud Platform and ClearBlade Edge Platform solution now easily represents 100M devices connected in real-time.

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