ClearBlade Soccer Ball Product Release

April 9, 2024

On April 9, 2024, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, Soccer Ball. This quarter has been filled with operational improvements, a constant focus on security, and new capabilities honoring the latest standards. Learn more about the features below.

IoT Core

Security updates: Cloud IoT solutions must regularly be updated with the latest security patches. ClearBlade ensures IoT Core runs with the most recent dependency and infrastructure version.


Support for blue-green updates: The underlying infrastructure has been improved to support the 24-hour JWT refresh cycles without needing a reconnect event. Going forward, this will improve device and user experience during standard updates.


Base64 form validation: This ensures you send valid Base64 data from web-based forms with built-in validation to your devices. This extra validation gives peace of mind to those managing their IoT Core registries.


IoT Enterprise and Edge

Full MQTT 5 support: This quarter completes the implementation of MQTT 5 support in the ClearBlade broker. Now, you can leverage both specifications and control which features of the specification you wish to enable.


Webhook path variables: With path variable support, webhooks can now conform to a broader set of use cases to meet legacy API patterns. Your webhook can now allow any set of path variables in the URL to be used as part of the API processing.


Decoupled message queues: Stream services can restart without impacting their message processing queues. Developers can now add the latest code and ensure no messages are lost during the instant deployment.


Edge asymmetric key authentication: Edges now have built-in support for generating and using their unique certificates for asymmetric key-based authentication. This enhanced security feature helps reduce the exposure of private keys and guarantees trust between the Edge and the IoT Enterprise cloud.


Intelligent Assets

AI Assistant: Intelligent Assets has now introduced Generative AI. This empowers users to type everyday language commands to their personal AI Assistant and effortlessly create asset types, assets, event types, rule types, and rules.


Floor levels: Built-in native attributes for floor levels allow for the rapid locating of indoor assets on the map view. This will enable assets to have common points on the overhead GPS-based view but then be filtered for coherent heatmaps, ordered reports, and concise dashboards.


Performance: The rules engine now processes device data over 50% faster. This speed-up will help ensure your data is processed in real time with your custom rules.



About the Soccer Ball:

The Soccer Ball Nebula was discovered in 2011 and lies about 13,000 light-years away in the Cygnus constellation.


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