ClearBlade wins 2021 Compass Intelligence IoT Innovator: IoT for Good Award!

November 15, 2021

Here at ClearBlade using our technology for good is something we take extreme pride in and is a priority across the company. You can read about how our software is utilized to help achieve net zero emissions here – Net Zero Emissions.  Winning the Compass Intelligence IoT Innovator: IoT for Good Award validates our successes in this area and means something very special for all of us here at ClearBlade.

We are proud of winning this award in this category this year because it represents tangible results in areas important beyond day-to-day business. It shows how our Intelligent Assets IoT technology is making a positive impact to humanity as a whole and we fight to make progress on climate change. Every little bit matters, and we have a responsibility to use our software for good. There are many ways IoT can make a positive impact on the world. At ClearBlade we have seen real results in the following areas.

Water – ClearBlade is being used to monitor live water networks to identify leaks in progress and predict where leaks will most likely occur. As utilities work to decrease the average loss of 40% of potable water around the world, a better water infrastructure is critical.

Greenhouse gases – ClearBlade is working with brilliant partners to detect and limit greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane. By better monitoring these greenhouse sources we can be sure that we are not only complying with regulations but also be sure we are good stewards of the earth.

Energy – So much of the potential of IoT exists in the ability to optimize energy usage. ClearBlade is working with large factories and connected products to reduce the energy consumed by their daily processes. These innovative and progressive partners see not only the business ROI but also their responsibilities as corporate citizens to achieve these goals. ClearBlade provides the visibility and control necessary to reduce energy consumption.

Safety – Every time a worker goes into a field, a person walks through a hazard zone, or equipment moves around people there is opportunity for something to go wrong.  With ClearBlade many companies are protecting their workers and citizens around critical infrastructure much more effectively. Using IoT to ensure safety protocols are met or prevent accidents isn’t just about cost savings, it’s about protecting people.

It’s important to me as CEO here at ClearBlade to make a positive impact on our environment and the people who interact with the things in our environment on a daily basis. It gives me and the entire team here at ClearBlade great pride to see the blood, sweat, and tears of our efforts over the past several years making a positive impact on the world!


Eric M. Simone

ClearBlade, Inc. – CEO

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