Geoverse – A Partnership to Secure the IoT Network By Aaron Allsbrook

January 29, 2021

Last week ClearBlade announced a new partnership with mobile network operator Geoverse.  With all the different companies in IoT, it’s difficult to immediately see how and why technologies like us would collaborate and what value gets added when we are together. The reality is – in the world of IoT there is no single player that can solve all problems. Even the giant vendors like Apple, Google, Samsung, or Amazon are reliant on lots of partners internally to produce their hardware and connect your device to the internet.   


ClearBlade is laser-focused on delivering business value with our Intelligent Assets application built on top of our ClearBlade Core IoT and Edge platforms. Customer’s assets are being outfitted with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, location – really whatever the sensor is designed to “sense”. In addition, video cameras are being connected to stream video data and machines are getting connected to stream their condition and behavior, all to be able to understand and act on that data. This means how we use our tractors, greenhouses, bulldozers, and compressors are all getting dramatically smarter and more efficient. This focus allows us to build a leading application but also means that we get a fantastic view across all the hardware, network, and integration needs of our customers. ClearBlade has the luxury to bring its enterprise application to any server infrastructure of choice (cloud or IT) and it has the ability to connect any device. In the middle of this, we constantly see a need and opportunity for our networking partners.  


GeoVerse technology is building a unique network capable of providing private cellular communications.  Imagine owning your cell phone tower and being absolutely sure that while you were at your house, no one else was potentially listening to your call, sniffing your device data, or watching the cameras in your home.  This is the offering that Geoverse provides.  Taking the offering a step further, when you leave your private LTE environment Geoverse allows your device to roam onto public networks like AT&T and Verizon.  This means you get all the privacy you can possibly have when you’re at home but still can have the base connectivity you need when you go on vacation.  For businesses, this means that when they use a connected device connected via the Geoverse network the information that the device generates is all private – video, usage, failure predictions, etc.  But if that device is stolen and driven 100 miles from the private Geoverse network it can still report back to the company and where it is so that it can be recovered.  ClearBlade recently got involved in just such a situation helping the authorities catch and recover equipment stolen from a construction job site.  


Together with GeoVerse, ClearBlade can provide a full application that allows companies to secure the network with high speeds for their cellular devices.  It’s an offering that allows for a company to control its data and put it exactly where it wants.  Privacy, security, and making Assets intelligent – this is something to be excited about.

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