How IoT Devices are Provisioned Makes a World of a Difference When it Comes to Operational Efficiency, Productivity and Enhanced Security by Aaron Allsbrook

March 17, 2020

Zero-touch provisioning eliminates the manual labor needed to connect devices to a network and allows these devices to be provisioned and configured automatically. It’s especially critical for large, distributed systems, in terms of cost and time of managing provisioning logistics.

In a secure connection between an IoT edge device and a cloud platform, zero-touch provisioning automatically completes the registration to the cloud platform after establishing the device identity. That’s how it saves organizations with embedded systems development time and expensive security engineering expertise. Moreover, it can save the cost of third-party provision services and certificate authorities.

With “ZTP” developers simply install the IoT device and switch it on; it will automatically register itself to the cloud platform and operating system. Next, the cloud platform starts sending the required configuration, application files, and other registration data.

Zero-touch provisioning is a feature ClearBlade has mastered over the years and is one of the most compelling reasons organizations have chosen ClearBlade’s Industrial IoT solutions.

Our zero-touch provisioning kits come with an easier on-boarding process that generates certificates or keys and provisions them into security devices like MCUs. That, in turn, reduces operations and interactions with cloud platforms.

Besides the security labyrinth, zero-touch provisioning enables developers to bypass the complications associated with communication protocols and hardware compatibility issues.

Last, but not least, it acts as a shield against human errors and software loopholes; here’s how.

The automated process reduces the possibility of errors when manually configuring devices and slashes the time it takes to set up devices for employee use, often without requiring IT intervention. Users can set up their devices with a few clicks, eliminating the need for administrators to create and track system images or manage the infrastructure required to push those images to new or repurposed devices.

Our zero-touch provisioning process includes:

  • Setup — configure network and messaging settings on all devices quickly and consistently.
  • Inventory — collect and store hardware, software and security configuration details for devices.
  • Management centrally deploy apps over the air (OTA) and re-assign licenses as necessary.
  • Security — protect sensitive data, enforce passcodes, and remotely lock devices.

ClearBlade’s platform provides a single solution for rapid development of complex IoT systems. From the edge to the cloud, on any protocol or solution, the ClearBlade Edge Platform

is the only IoT software platform that can deploy a common software stack across the board.

We have mastered zero-touch approaches including encryption, authentication, and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates. We support connectivity via MQTT, REST, and Sockets along with prebuilt patterns for BLE, Zigbee, Thread, and more.

We enable developers to build in the cloud and push to the edge or develop independent edge applications where customers experience them. We offer data filtering and streaming, sync and state management, and the most adaptable and efficient deployment capabilities connecting all gateways, clouds, and devices across numerous protocols.

And we make all of this – and more – simpler and more reliable using zero-touch provisioning software.

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