Out of the Box – Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) for Facilities by Eric Simone

December 2, 2020

Earlier this month ClearBlade announced a new Intelligent Video Analytics offering with industrial computer manufacturer Advantech and LILIN, an IP video camera company. I am sure you see hundreds of partnership announcements like this every week – so what’s the big deal? The reality is for the last several years the Internet of Things (IoT) industry has failed to provide immediate business value to the customer in a simple, turn-key way. So the “big deal” is we are starting to offer the kind of solutions businesses need, especially right now, to effectively recognize, monitor, and alert on events remotely via intelligent video analytics.


To date, the solutions provided by camera vendors, system integrators, and software providers have all been too rigid, too time consuming, and too expensive. The entire industry has been plagued by too many IoT science experiments that ultimately fall short of the lofty expectations set by the promises “we” collectively make. The reality is hardware vendors excel at manufacturing hardware but struggle with enterprise software. System integrators are very good at piecing together bespoke solutions, but are not very good at creating product offerings. Finally software companies specialize in software creation, but are not experts in hardware creation and services. The reality is IoT is hard, very hard, and it requires different companies with different core competencies to converge in a harmonious way to deliver results that will delight the customer. This is why to date we have seen over 70% of IoT projects fail. So the big deal is we are removing the complexity and cost out of the equation by delivering a turn-key solution with the highest quality hardware, software, and support designed for business people to implement.


Our Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) solution is specifically designed for indoor facilities. This solution does not require a system integrator or your IT department to spend weeks of development time to integrate the solution into your facility. The bundle contains two cameras, one gateway, and the enterprise software and AI necessary to deliver a robust, flexible people detection solution. The system is configurable by business professionals who want to provide video analytics for occupancy rates, safety, alerting – any solution that has to do with the detection of personnel moving through a building. This offering provides an easy and cost effective way to deploy, customize, and test a robust indoor video detection system which then allows you to scale the solution at your pace by adding additional cameras. In addition, this solution enables you to expand the system by integrating with your existing hardware and software and adding new hardware over time – and not just video cameras. ClearBlade’s open connectivity software enables you to incorporate virtually any piece of equipment to stream data. 


This Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) offering is just one of many solutions ClearBlade has put together this year – the common denominator is our software which has been in use for years in some of the most complex industrial solutions for transportation, building facilities, and aerospace just to name a few. Our mission is to continue to reduce the time and complexity of implementing real solutions by offering easy, turn-key, and flexible solutions businesses can implement without coding or the need for weeks of customization.

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