The Architecture Behind Lifesaving Responsiveness

March 4, 2019

More than a platform

In June 1770, English explorer and naval officer, Captain James Cook, was exploring the Coral Sea in search of a major continent to claim for England. During the expedition, the captain and his crew got stuck on what they believed to be a coral reef. What they didn’t know, however, is that they were sitting upon the largest structure in the world made of living organisms. The Great Barrier Reef.

Today, we at ClearBlade find ourselves in a very similar situation as Captain James Cook and his ship, The Endeavor. The only difference is that they didn’t know the incredible discovery they had just come upon. We do, and we know how to use it to create a safer and more secure IoT platform.

As scientists and marine biologists began to research this magnificent underwater landscape they not only discovered that it was an abundant environment with various species, but it was an abundant environment with various species who were living in synchronicity and even giving way to new life forms.

And just as the researchers dug their heels in to figure out the secrets of this mysterious underwater Atlantis, so too did we scan and ponder the IoT world to find a solution where systems can flourish as life does there. Up until the moment came where we couldn’t find one, and instead decided to build it ourselves.

But what we conceived wasn’t just another enterprise or industrial IoT solution. And it wasn’t just an IoT platform. What we gave way to was an edge computing ecosystem capable of enabling connectivity and interoperability across devices, systems, protocols, business models, and IoT infrastructures of every type, no matter the legacy. Or the species.

Byproducts of a solution-oriented network

While The Great Barrier Reef provides an environment for new life forms and types of species to integrate and benefit from one another, ClearBlade’s application enablement platform provides an environment for new business opportunities, revenue streams, and projects to flourish.

Although most of the time we point to the increased productivity and profits enjoyed by the companies who use ClearBlade for their IoT integration, recently, a new purpose has come to focus. A purpose that might not be so different from that of the underwater Atlantis known as The Great Barrier Reef. And that’s creating a world that’s safer to live in.

ClearBlade is now beginning to implement our IoT middleware technology in railway crossings to prevent system failure and accidents from occurring. Featured in a recent news report covering a school bus that was struck by a train, Eric Simone, CEO and co-founder of ClearBlade, describes how ClearBlade’s IoT middleware focusing on connected rail offers a real-time look at mechanical and electrical components of the railway and sends alerts when anything is faulty.

With real-time business rules and the agnostic makeup of the software, there’s no reason why ClearBlade can’t make connected rail a standard on all railways and run on a safer IoT infrastructure.

Opportunity at the edge awaits

But still, connected rail is just a microscopic piece of the IoT world we want to explore. We are confident there is still a vast expanse of opportunities waiting across the reef for us to come and turn into something incredible. We’re just waiting for you to find us. Or us, you.

If you’re interested in how ClearBlade might be able to add value to your enterprise or industrial ecosystem, get in touch with someone from our team. Together, we can build the future of the civilization we live in.

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