IoT LiveSlam: How GenAI & AI Turn Data Into Action

June 12, 2024   -  

On Wednesday, June 12 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, ClearBlade CEO Eric Simone will present at the IoT LiveSlam on how GenAI & AI turn data into action. Register and learn more. 

Session Abstract:

How well can your operations team visualize, analyze, and most importantly, ACT on the critical data flowing from your IoT and Edge solutions?

The missing link in IoT projects is the connection between data generated by a device ecosystem and an intuitive, alert-oriented interface to spark action when operational teams need to maintain and repair assets quickly.

This disconnect is a key reason why 75% of IoT projects fail. IoT and Edge solutions need to be more than technically impressive. Machine data must be actionable. Only then can you have a successful project that improves safety, efficiency, sustainability, and most importantly – a return on investment.

In this session, ClearBlade Founder & CEO Eric Simone will share real-world use cases for how GenAI and Edge AI drive action in companies today. Additionally, he’ll show what this looks like in various industries and connect the dots to the role this tech can play in achieving Intelligent Infrastructure.

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