Internet of Things Equation Podcast

A Game Plan if You Lose Your IoT Platform

May 10, 2024

Facing the challenges of IoT offerings shutdown? This episode of the ThingRex Internet of Things Equation podcast features Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade CTO. In it, he delves into the process, challenges, and strategies for migrating IoT platforms without losing momentum. A critical listen for businesses navigating the volatile IoT landscape.

Topics covered:

  • IoT Platform Definition: Understanding the practical meaning of an IoT Platform.
  • Choosing an IoT Platform Provider: Three key pillars to consider when making the decision.
  • Business Model Alignment: The importance of alignment between the IoT – Platform provider and the buyer’s business models.
  • Feature Set vs. Business Model and Pricing: Emphasizing the significance of business models and pricing over a broad feature set.
  • Vendor Traits: Exploring the critical characteristics of an IoT Platform vendor, such as elasticity and continuous improvement.
  • Service Termination Impact: Assessing the consequences of service termination by the IoT Platform vendor on business operations.
  • Migration Nuances: Understanding the risks associated with IoT Platform migration due to implementation nuances.
  • Migration Approaches: Comparing the different approaches to IoT Platform migration adopted by large and small organizations.
  • ROI Impact: Evaluating the potential impact on ROI when changing the IoT Platform provider.
  • Case Studies: Examining real-world case studies to gain insights into the IoT Platform migration process.
  • Automatic vs. Manual Migration: Identifying assets that can be migrated automatically and those requiring careful planning and execution.
  • Provider Paradoxes: Exploring the paradoxes faced by IoT Platform providers, such as elasticity versus enforcing best practices.
  • Building an In-House IoT Platform: Assessing the risks of building an IoT Platform using open-source components.
  • Purpose-Built Components: Identifying IoT Platform components that require purpose-built development for performance and security reasons.
  • Migration Preparation: Outlining the steps involved in preparing for IoT Platform migration.
  • Similarities to DDoS Attack: Drawing parallels between IoT Platform migration and a Distributed Deny of Service (DDoS) attack.

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