ClearBlade and OTICS Partner to Deliver Edge AI Driven Deep Well Monitoring for Optimal Drilling Operations to Reduce Well Construction Costs

November 12, 2020

New well monitoring solution with finely tuned AI algorithms to reduce costs, improve safety, and create new revenue streams

ClearBlade an industry-leading IoT and Edge Platform company and OTICS a leading Auto Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning company partner to provide Oil and Gas bundled software and services offering to optimize the deep well drilling monitoring process. The Well Monitoring Solution provides Well Monitoring with finely tuned AI algorithms to reduce costs, improve safety, and create new revenue streams.

Many variables are involved with deep well drilling to reduce “flat-time”, including when to clean the well, the length of time to clean the well, when to back ream the well, and optimal back ream settings. Each variable is dependent on geological specifics of the well location including the density of rock, the pressures, and the depth. Each business has different demands and available equipment to deliver new wells on time. Only OTICS has the domain expertise to take real-time sensor feeds from drilling operations, combined with known equipment profiles and local geological data to make real-time predictions and optimizations within a recommendation engine for optimal well operations, and then present total cost analysis at each location. A resulting deep well digital twin is created that has unprecedented ability to prevent drill damage, reduce flat-time, while speeding up drill times.

ClearBlade and OTICS have integrated their offerings in an easy to use API that enables and accelerates IoT with AI solutions for faster delivery of insights for their customers with an open technology architecture. ClearBlade CEO, Eric Simone provides “While many companies claim AI solutions, OTICS takes a leap beyond the rest by going deep into the business domain, truly understanding the complexities, the meaning in the data and then taking the next steps to operationalize the capabilities.” Together with OTICS and ClearBlade AI algorithms are able to act on real-time data as noted by OTICS’s CTO Sebastian Maurice “With ClearBlade we are able to get access to real-time data for building and learning but also put them back into the field for real-time predictions and optimizations faster. The focused visualization and real-time actionability against the hot data running on the edge at the well is a huge differentiator in the market today and will continue to offer our customers unparalleled value with advanced capabilities in these challenging times.”

The Deep Well Monitoring solution includes all the necessary components to get started with deep well monitoring including IoT Edge and Cloud platform, a dynamic library of AI algorithms, an Algorithm and Insights Management System, an edge native monitoring solution, and gateway hardware necessary to make real-time predictions at the well location. Multiple components capable of helping reduce cost and increase the actual productivity of the well itself. Leveraging this wholistic solution, drilling companies can confidently answer the critical questions of:
-When to clean a well?
-How long to clean a well?
-When is the ideal time to perform back reaming in a well?
-What are the optimal back ream settings?

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