ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital Announce Partnership to Extend the Edge to Rail Assets in Remote Locations

September 12, 2022

With ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital’s intelligent wireless sensors, rail operators can now deploy proven technology to gain real time insights into connected freight cars and rail infrastructure to improve operations and reduce costs.


ClearBlade, the industry leading Industrial IoT Platform and Edge AI company, is announcing a partnership with Pennsy Digital to rapidly deliver asset monitoring solutions for the rail industry. Rail operators today are under more pressure than ever to improve operational performance, increase safety and reduce maintenance costs. Using ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital solutions, rail operators will have real-time visibility into the location and condition of connected freight cars, critical infrastructure, and other assets

Together, ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital offer end-to-end solutions for the railroad industry. These solutions provide all hardware components and software necessary to support a variety of rail specific use-cases, including asset location, load state and brake monitoring, bridge strike, track temperature and curve monitoring. The combined ClearBlade – Pennsy Digital solutions improve visibility using a range of metrics: position, presence, temperature, impact, vibration, orientation, noise, and distance for a variety of rail assets. AI-based prediction and advanced analytics enhance the insights delivered at the Edge or in the back office.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Pennsy Digital, delivering real-time insights into all assets across the rail industry,” said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade. “The combination of ClearBlade’s proven IoT and Edge software and Pennsy Digital’s rail hardened products is a game-changing combination for the rail industry.”

As the rail industry adopts IoT technologies to address asset and track monitoring challenges, end to end solutions easily implemented to deliver rapid business value are critical to success. ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital’s partnership delivers on the promise of IoT by offering a combination of self-contained, cost-effective sensors and gateways and the software necessary to connect monitored assets to back-office systems. By addressing a variety of rail industry use cases with proven solutions, rail operators can confidently engage with ClearBlade and Pennsy Digital to innovate and operate their businesses more safely and efficiently.

“Pennsy Digital surfaces operational insights for our rail customers that drive actions to improve performance, safety and operational efficiency.” Said William LeFebvre, CEO of Pennsy Digital. “That requires an enterprise IoT platform, running on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge, that is flexible, scalable and has been fully integrated with other enterprise systems. With ClearBlade we have found a partner who can deliver this today and also shares our vision of more advanced AI at the edge tomorrow.”

About ClearBlade
ClearBlade is the industry-leading IoT platform and Edge AI software company that enables enterprises to rapidly engineer and run secure, real-time, scalable IoT applications. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ClearBlade is an award-winning, fully scalable, secure, flexible, and autonomous IoT cloud and Edge platform that enables companies to ingest, analyze, adapt, and act on any data in real-time and at extreme scale. ClearBlade provides its consistent platform across the Edge, cloud, and on-premises environments. For more information, please visit

About Pennsy Digital

Pennsy Digital was founded in 2019 to deliver to deliver cutting-edge technology and long-lasting solutions that improve operational outcomes and safety, building on the founders more than 15 years’ experience developing robust, low power tracking and monitoring solutions for the rail industry. Pennsy Digital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennsy Corporation, which has been delivering innovative products to increase component life and improve freight car performance since 1984. For more information, please visit

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