ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS to Deliver Turnkey Solutions Providing Immediate ROI to Their Customer Base

February 10, 2021

These solutions are leveraging WINSYSTEMS’ powerful and well-hardened gateways to run ClearBlade rail solutions locally at the wayside and across other industrial environments

ClearBlade, the Edge-focused IIoT software company, and WINSYSTEMS, INC., the industry-leading solutions provider of embedded computer systems have announced a partnership to deliver turnkey solutions providing immediate ROI to their customer base. These solutions are leveraging WINSYSTEMS’ powerful and well-hardened gateways to run ClearBlade rail solutions locally at the wayside and across other industrial environments.

ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS are announcing their partnership following the successful deployment of a joint solution at a major transit authority here in the United States. Both companies will be releasing additional details on that specific use case in the coming weeks as well as other areas of focus in 2021.

“I am extremely excited about this partnership. Transits are looking for out of the box solutions that work without the need to involve the IT department or a 3rd party system integrator. To achieve that the hardware and software must be developed, tested, configured, and packaged for the solution. WINSYSTEMS is an industry leader in modular IIoT gateways and they are the perfect partner to deliver turn-key rail solutions with. Together we stop the IoT science experiments and deliver immediate business value.” said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade.

Building upon this early success, ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS will be expanding on this growing partnership through the deployment and release of other solutions that include Edge AI, Switch Anomaly Detection, Video Analytics at the track and platform, Positive Train Control installations, and many more. These solutions allow customers the ability to ingest any protocols used in the field today while also integrating the many I/O data points commonly found in these brownfield environments. Once ingested, these joint solutions will also enable customers to configure devices, visualize the data, and program commands and control in an operation friendly, no-code environment.

“Our clients are looking for more integrated solutions and this partnership provides a flexible approach for the hardware along with the native adaptability of ClearBlade’s IoT software platform.” said Bill Biancanello, COO of WINSYSTEMS. “ Since we already have experience working with mutual customers, combining our solutions on both x86 and Arm-based embedded systems is a natural progression. We are excited to continue our work with the ClearBlade team and look forward to providing these in-demand solutions for IIoT Edge devices and gateways.”

ClearBlade CTO, Aaron Allsbrook, also added, “Being able to provide customers a powerful edge computer capable of not only delivering solutions today but also ready to meet their future needs for AI and machine learning at the edge allows for defining the future proof solution all industries are interested in. With WINSYSTEMS we know our customers get value today and can innovate for years to come”

ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS believe that out-the-box solutions are the key to success in the current market and through the combination of best-in-breed hardware and software, are excited about their continued success both in 2021 and the years to come.

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