ClearBlade IoT Core Launched Today as a Complete Replacement for Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP’s) IoT Core

August 16, 2022

ClearBlade enables enterprises to easily migrate from Google’s IoT Core to ClearBlade’s proven IoT Core on GCP

ClearBlade, the industry-leading IoT Platform and Edge AI company, is announcing a SaaS product offering, ClearBlade IoT Core. The ClearBlade IoT Core provides industry-standard IoT cloud service capabilities, efficient scaling, and hardened security for enterprise customers. For existing GCP IoT Core customers, ClearBlade provides a low-effort, one-click migration process and pricing consistent with GCP’s current offering.


Available Now and Proven
The ClearBlade IoT Core is a fully managed service to securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally distributed devices including features for:

  • Device registry and management
  • Messaging via a highly scalable and proven MQTT broker
  • Simple mapping of topics to GCP PubSub
  • Ease of enterprise integrations via REST APIs

Along with a powerful feature set, IoT Core easily upgrades to a private instance of ClearBlade’s award-winning IoT Enterprise product. ClearBlade’s industry-leading IoT Platform provides a code engine that does inline stream processing, integrates directly with enterprise software, offers built-in Data as a Service (DaaS) moving device information into internal and external data stores, and an ONNX-based AI runtime for performing artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance. IoT Enterprise users can also deploy their entire IoT Application to the Edge using Edge orchestration and the ClearBlade IoT Edge platform to take their processing and visualizations out of the cloud and into the field. For businesses and organizations ready to move faster, ClearBlade provides its no-code application Intelligent Assets application already in use by Fortune 500 companies around the world to track, monitor, and control their assets.

“ClearBlade has been in use and trusted by enterprises long before the hyperscalers released their IoT offerings. Companies need software that gives them scalability, flexibility, and immediate ROI, so they rely on ClearBlade,” stated ClearBlade’s CEO, Eric Simone. “Our team has real-world enterprise experience both in the field and at scale. ClearBlade welcomes comparisons to any and all IoT and Edge software providers. We are that confident in our software offerings.”

Learn more about ClearBlade IoT Core here.


A Seamless Replacement for GCP IoT Core

With the announcement of GCP IoT Core deprecation, ClearBlade is ready to serve those customers as a GCP Approved Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Migration Service Integrator (SI). ClearBlade’s IoT Core has been reviewed and approved by Google as the perfect Google IoT Core replacement offering. In contrast to complex custom builds, ClearBlade provides a one-click process for a full migration of all server-side assets including device records, authentication certificates, and PubSub topic mappings.

ClearBlade CTO, Aaron Allsbrook added “IoT Solution developers already have their plates full with building new features to spend time building a new solution to replace what is already working. ClearBlade IoT Core provides the exact capabilities in-house today with the smallest possible impact to existing working systems.”

End users will experience no changes in the device authentication. Pricing will remain unchanged with a tiered price structure by data transmitted. Finally, ClearBlade’s IoT Core provides a simple familiar user interface removing business process migration friction.


The ClearBlade Difference

ClearBlade released its IoT platform product in 2014 and its Edge platform in 2016, the very first Edge software product launched in the industry. While other hyperscalers and platforms have worked to build similar offerings, ClearBlade has consistently led the way with its scalable MQTT message broker, its secure Edge platform, and its innovative no-code Intelligent Assets application.

Jodd Readick, CTO of Precision Ag at Opti-Harvest, validates “ClearBlade running on GCP was the perfect choice for our rapidly growing business. Opti-Harvest helps farmers increase crop yields, improve water-use efficiency, and mitigate adverse environmental impacts. We needed a flexible platform that was proven at scale to connect to our IoT devices in the field as well as to integrate a wide range of our partner’s data. We love the flexibility of the platform and how easy it is to add new device types. After working with their exceptionally solid team for a year, we have confidence they can quickly handle whatever we throw at them. We didn’t have time to waste building with unproven technology, so we demanded an immediate ROI. ClearBlade provided that.”

Despite an ecosystem with so much change, ClearBlade continues to support solutions built in those early days without issues or forced upgrades. Additionally, many global enterprise customers have proven ClearBlade’s scale and reliability with huge deployments of connected products that run without issue.

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