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ClearBlade Named as 2016 Top 20 Leading IoT Solution Providers

September 18, 2016

Since its inception, ClearBlade has worked with enterprises to improve and modernize their corporate systems. Several years ago, ClearBlade recognized the growing wave of the Internet of Things, a wave that would leave many companies unable to cope with the new security, performance, scalability, and time to market requirements necessary to compete effectively. Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade had a vision to build new software to accelerate and support companies through this transition. “We created the Novi IoT Platform with an enterprise focus from the ground up and designed it to be easy for companies to deploy solutions like Smart Factory, Connected Jobsite, Integrated Security, Automated Inventory, just to name a few. Novi enables companies to focus on building their IoT solutions, not the complex software infrastructure necessary to support and scale them,” explains Simone, “Companies already have enough software to to deliver their IoT solutions. ClearBlade gives them a distinct competitive advantage.”

With this focused approach, ClearBlade Novi allows companies to tackle three major challenges. Firstly, building IoT solutions rapidly, with the advanced architecture needed to future proof their investments. Secondly, it helps integrate new IoT offerings with their existing Enterprise Systems for better reliability. Then, ensuring IoT systems evolve over time with the flexibility to scale and move processing between cloud and on-premises environments.

Today, companies need to build IoT solutions fast, at a speed faster than their competition. Such an aggressive production pace requires companies to seek assistance digitalizing their existing businesses. This digitalization process exposes pain points of its own: solutions require deep technical competence in emerging standards and languages, cutting edge software architectures, and a range of best of breed devices. ClearBlade’s Novi platform heads off these challenges by bringing a core IoT architecture that provides the fundamental base of any new solution. Novi is secure by default, scales horizontally and is flexible enough to run on any cloud, on-premises or at the gateway layer.

The next important step for enterprises is to integrate their existing enterprise systems into these new IoT offerings. Frustration arises because integrating legacy environments can pose challenges whether they are a few years old or decades. The Novi Platform is built from the ground up to secure, communicate and integrate with systems that run vital business functions.

Finally, the third – and most important – challenge, requires companies to evolve their IoT solutions over time. IoT and their business models will need to change to react to the market and changing technology over the next several decades. Their solutions must evolve as the business changes and the infrastructure their IoT solutions are built on must be flexible and adaptable.

ClearBlade’s Novi platform is the core for building Industrial IoT solutions. “One client we are very excited about is Stanley Black and Decker, who has selected Novi as the core building block of their technical IoT solutions,” says Eric. This means that the next wave of products the company offers – from Factory to Field to Jobsite to Warehouse – will all be streaming data through the powerful Novi runtime. The Novi runtime is the basis for secure real-time processing and messaging between devices, systems, data stores and users.

ClearBlade competency comes from the enterprise DNA of its leadership team combined with hardcore engineering that utilizes the most advanced technologies. Long before Amazon, IBM or Microsof

t wereproviding IoT offerings, ClearBlade was focused on the hard problems associated with building secure, flexible, integrated, and infinitely horizontally scalable IoT platform software. The idea that an IoT platform should be infrastructure agnostic and built enterprise first, remains an anomaly in the market, a marketplace that is most interested in capturing and trapping customers into a single vendor cloud environment. Enterprises must have the ability to manipulate their software environments as their technology and business models evolve. Committing to a single-cloud, single-vendor strategy would be extremely limiting and dangerous.

ClearBlade Novi comes at the perfect time for businesses that are ready to attack the opportunities IoT brings, and build something amazing.

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