ClearBlade Named as 2016 Top 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers

June 20, 2016

“The opportunity for the Internet of Things to process at the edge and integrate existing applications is a critical capability that only ClearBlade’s Novi platform provides,” begins Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade. According to Simone, “ClearBlade’s Novi IoT platform is unique in that it is cloud agnostic, engineered security first, edge processing, and complete with legacy integrations; which allows it to stand head and shoulders above the competition. This multifaceted capability is the differentiating factor between the over 350 so-called IoT “platforms” in the market today. ClearBlade Novi focuses on empowering Fortune 2000 industrial companies to rapidly and massively roll out their own complete innovative IoT Solutions.”

ClearBlade’s Novi Platform is a powerful IoT development and runtime engine, built from the ground up. Communicating over open standard protocols, the platform enables IoT solutions to leverage emerging technologies. Examples include supporting industrial IoT solutions such as connected job sites, smart factories, tracked tools, networked doors, automated buildings and efficient programmable lighting. By making Novi the core of their IoT solutions, ClearBlade’s clients are ultimately able to rapidly deploy fast products without worrying about security, scalability, or stability.

Novi addresses the spectrum of requirements for an enterprise class Industrial IoT platform with a complete solution. With Novi, clients can manage devices and users, access data, author micro-services, and message in real-time. These elements are complimented with triggers and timers that allow the IoT platform to react and alert to any event. By utilizing the platform, customers integrate their existing systems with new applications to implement security models based on existing enterprise standards, or evolve with robust emerging technology. The deployment architecture has been designed to scale horizontally, while also staying agnostic for the underlying cloud or virtualization vendor. “The versatile design of Novi allows it to be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, dramatically changing the economics for building IoT solutions, and also gives enterprises an extra ace in the hole when it comes to selecting their cloud vendor,” says Simone.

Along with the Novi IoT Platform, ClearBlade uniquely delivers the Novi EDGE—a full platform software solution that clients use to manage activities at the IoT gateway layer.

The ClearBlade Novi Platform addresses the important need to integrate with existing applications, which is the critical element that every other IoT platform has failed to achieve

These gateways reside in numerous places including, directly on a factory floor machine, in the field at a pump, or embedded in a vehicle. The EDGE processes data locally and ultimately guarantees uptime for large complex machinery. In addition to 100 percent uptime, the Novi EDGE lets clients filter and scrub data using JavaScript rules before transferring minimized data up to a cloud based Novi Platform, ultimately offering the user tremendous cloud cost savings. Lastly, the Novi EDGE solves the challenge of deploying and maintaining the gateway application logic by auto-syncing with the internet based Novi Platform. “The Novi EDGE cloud management unburdens customers who must innovate and enhance their IoT solutions by allowing developers to remotely orchestrate the behavior of thousands of EDGE systems,” explains Simone.

ClearBlade recognizes that no vendor can provide all elements of an IoT solution and has built an ecosystem of partners. Working in conjunction with Google Cloud allows ClearBlade to host its own SaaS IoT cloud, which enables clients to run their operations with ease. Stanley Black and Decker has leveraged the Novi platform to deliver a new generation of connected products and solutions. After an exhaustive evaluation Stanley selected ClearBlade because of its security, performance and edge capabilities.

Commenting on the future, Simone informs, “Our technical team has many surprises in development, stay tuned for some exciting announcements.”

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