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ClearBlade Radically Enhances the Power of the Internet of Things Edge

May 25, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas, May 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ClearBlade™ today announced the availability of Novi EDGE, a complete instance of their Novi platform that can be deployed on gateways and edge devices to power Internet of Things solutions. Extremely performant, small and scalable, Novi EDGE enables companies to synchronize, configure, manage state and deploy IoT systems with one common software stack.

“IoT solutions require a huge amount of time and effort to connect cloud, on-premise and gateway systems with custom protocols, libraries and logic,” said Aaron Allsbrook, Chief Technology Officer of ClearBlade. “With Novi EDGE, we have solved the operational challenges of harmonizing these elements and ensuring future flexibility. The same Novi platform that runs in the cloud or on-premise runs on gateway devices like a Raspberry Pi for simplified processing, and strategically moving information to the cloud.”

Highlights of the Novi EDGE release include:

  • Strong edge security – Encryption, authentication and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates.
  • Sync and state management – Both user and device states are synced with IoT systems as devices go on and offline.
  • Offline Continuity – Devices continue real time behaviors and 100% up time, even when connection to the Internet is lost.
  • Strong integration capabilities – Connectivity via MQTT, REST and sockets along with prebuilt patterns for BLE, Zigbee, MQTT-sn and more.
  • Data filtering and streaming – Store, modify, analyze, manage and route data at the edge.
  • Business rules and events – Implement business rules, trigger and react to events, and analyze results via business logic locally.
  • Messaging – Scalable, secure brokering of messages between devices and users at the edge.
  • Deployment flexibility – Novi EDGE can be deployed on any gateway device.

“Until now, IoT platforms have used agents to extend their reach to the edge. That means limited capabilities and flexibility to deploy IoT solutions,” said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade. “Novi EDGE enables the edge to do more by creating a common, synchronized and secure real-time architecture across the edge, on-premise and cloud components of IoT systems.”

Novi EDGE is part of the Novi IoT Platform, and is commercially available as of today.

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