ClearBlade Wins 10th Annual Compass Intelligence Award for Artificial Intelligence

May 10, 2022

ClearBlade Intelligent Assets software wins the Artificial Intelligence: Enterprise Solution award from Compass Intelligence.

ClearBlade is excited to see our industry-leading Intelligent Assets software win the Artificial Intelligence: Enterprise Solution award from Compass Intelligence. Intelligent Assets continues to win multiple awards, across technology categories for its ease of use and ability to deliver an immediate positive impact to the bottom line.

Original Compass Intelligence Press Release

With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge computing, and AI, ClearBlade recognized the need to deliver these technologies in a way that is immediately usable by the business. By building off our proven, industrial-grade IoT, Edge, and AI technology we created a simple, repeatable, and easily customizable solution that puts the power of these technologies into the hands of the business user and the operator. Intelligent Assets greatly reduces the time it takes to track and monitor any asset in the business and to access valuable data to build and operationalize AI models, enabling any data scientist to use their tools of choice.

When any business can utilize software that ingests data from their critical assets and enterprise systems in days, all without the need to involve software professionals, it empowers your operational specialists to use their expertise to greatly improve your processes. For far too long the power of IoT, Edge computing, and AI has been stuck behind very long and expensive projects. Freeing up the power of these technologies enables professionals to deliver business results in a matter of weeks instead of years.

Intelligent Assets is in use in multiple industries including transportation, water, energy, agriculture, facilities, and telecommunications. The ability to rapidly deliver value across industries in a way that easily co-exists with existing hardware and software is exactly the reason why ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets has received multiple awards in IoT, Edge computing, and now AI because it simplifies how the business can put technologies to work to rapidly improve the business.

There is a better way to deliver technology of value, and it all starts with Intelligent Assets. To learn more contact ClearBlade today!

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