Edge TPU Chip: Google’s Vertical Strategy to Capture Edge IoT Market

December 11, 2018

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In our previous blog post, we highlighted the growing importance of edge computing, which complements cloud computing as we enter the intelligent IoT era. The existing incumbents (Microsoft, Amazon and others) and emerging companies (FogHorn, SAP, ClearBlade and others) are developing innovative variations of edge IoT implementations. These different approaches aim to drive the most efficient implementation of intelligence at the edge.

The two cloud giants, Amazon and Microsoft primarily offer software and services for edge computing, which tightly integrates with their existing cloud data storage and analytics platform. Amazon’s edge offering – Amazon Greengrass, launched in June 2017, extends AWS cloud capabilities to devices for local processing and analysis of data. Microsoft launched its edge platform almost a year later after Greengrass, however, Azure IoT Edge is more comprehensive and an intelligent IoT edge solution.

In July 2018, Google forays into the edge computing realm with Cloud IoT Edge and Edge TPU which aims to integrate tightly with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The announcement of Edge TPU has been the highlight of Google’s IoT Edge strategy, even though it has been a late entrant to the Edge Computing market compared to Amazon and Microsoft.

Falguni Shah

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