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What IoT Platforms Have Been Missing; Economics and Ecosystems

December 4, 2018

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Every technological shift only scales when there are proven economic advantages, and the IoT and Industrial IoT are no exception. In fact, according to Eric Simone, founder and CEO of ClearBlade, an Enterprise IoT Edge Computing platform company, “given the number of moving parts in any meaningful enterprise IoT deployment, there’s no getting away from the requirement to prove to end customers how connecting things will save money or increase revenue.

Simone, who worked twice at IBM and established ClearBlade in 2007, over ten years ago when IoT was starting to take off, knows what it takes to cross the chasm of cool ideas into massively scaled deployments.

“In addition to solid software,” Simone said, “two elements are mission critical to successful projects – economics and ecosystems. Without understanding how to create profitable business models, and without working well with partners, in both the hardware, software and networking domains, even the most visionary projects will not work.”

Start-ups, large enterprises, investors, developers, governments and systems integrators have embraced the IoT with great energy given its natural potential to improve communities, manage urban growth, secure towns and cities, and make factories and farms more productive and efficient.

Simone says “innovation has outpaced implementation, and that has caused some understandable wariness. We’re getting through the early period, however, when miscalculations and unintended consequences have caused disappointments and losses.”

Cynthia S. Artin

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