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ClearBlade Awards

Our Enterprise IoT Platform and Edge Computing solutions have been recognized by the leading minds in IoT.


Recent Event Snapshots

The last few months were busy and our team got to travel all over the world to talk about ClearBlade.

IoT Tech Expo 2017 Santa Clara - ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform & IoT Edge Computing

IoT Tech Expo 2017

We ended the month of November with this fantastic conference around IoT, Blockchain, AI in the same space for 2 days. You can listen to Eric on "Creating a Competitve Edge" with IIoT panel and Aaron’s presentation with Aparna Jue, Product Manager at Stanley Black & Decker, discussing “Bringing IoT into Industrial Environments”
IoT6 Exchange - ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform - IoT Edge Computing - IoT Events

IoT6 Exchange 2017

As a sponsor of this invitation-only IoT event on October 9-12, both Eric & Aaron were on stage to talk about ClearBlade, Enterprise IoT, and Scalability, and ClearBlade was named the ‘2017 Best Overall IoT Solution’ Award.
Inmarsat World Conference 2017 - MConnected - IoT Solution - MCore Powered by ClearBlade

Inmarsat World Conference

We were in Lisbon, Portugal on November 6-8 with M-Connected to present their satellite based IoT solution, "M-Core Powered by ClearBlade"
ET Exchange Summit - Enterprise IoT Platform - IoT Edge Computing - Digital Transformation

ET Exchange Summit 2017

On November 13-15, we were in Ponte Vedra, Florida as a sponsor of the ET Exchange Summit, the annually hosted enterprise mobility & Digital transformation conference.
IDTech Expo 2017 - IoT Edge Computing - Enterprise IoT Platform - ClearBlade IoT

IDTechEx Show 2017

On November 15-16 - IoT Edge Computing & Smart Buildings - Aaron Allsbrook presented how ClearBlade IoT Edge Computing is solving the challenge of creating smart buildings.
IIC - Industrial IoT Consortium - Industrial Internet of Things Consortium


Industrial Internet of Things Consortium Meeting: We had valuable discussions and networking at the quarterly networking meeting of the IIC on December 4-7.